Christopher Kaufman, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
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Dr. Kaufman's newest workshop for teachers and school-based clinicians! 

Available to school districts, private schools across the USA in Fall, 2012.

Mental Health Literacy for Teachers & School-Based Clinicians: 
Understanding and Helping Students on the Anxiety Disorder, Mood Disorder, ADHD, and Tic Disorder Spectrums
New Workshop!!

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Education News.
Kaufman Psychological Services is Maine's only Cogmed Certified Practice.
What's COGMED? 

Cogmed is an evidence-based, computer-administered program that builds attention and working memory skill in children, adolescents, and adults. Backed by a range of high quality (peer reviewed) studies, Cogmed training has been associated with significant improvements in academic, social, and (in adults) professional functioning. Click HERE or call Dr. Kaufman for more information.
Dr. Kaufman will be providing the keynote address at this year's DuBard Symposium on Dyslexia at the University of Southern Mississippi (September 17 - 18).
Please Note: Dr. Kaufman's clinical office will be relocating as of September 2, 2014 to 222 Auburn Street in Portland (Suite G-4). The phone number (207-878-1777) will remain the same.
Click HERE to access an interview of Dr. Kaufman by Dr. Ross Greene, author of the bestselling books, The Explosive Child and Lost at School, and developer of the highly regarded Collaborative Problem Solving model.
Specializing in:
* Brain-based workshops for teachers and clinicians
 * The evaluation of learning disorders, ADHD/executive dysfunction, and ASD's
* The treatment of pediatric anxiety disorders.